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I've been collecting parts for a Breezy for the past couple of years with the intention of building one...however, a health problem has cropped up along with the wife's adamant refusal to fly in one even if I have a separate windshield in the plans for her.
So now, I need to know if there is a website where parts can be advertised for anyone who is planning to build a Breezy.
I was going to use C-150 wings, Cleveland wheels and brakes on the main gear, a Piper NG fork mounted on a Cessna 2" strut and both mounted in a 4140 steel tube.  ALso have a complete Lyc 0-235-C 108 HP engine which had been removed from a Luscombe (no logs).
If you could steer me in the right direction, I would appreciate anything, and thank you for your time and consideration.
Bob Dugan - Brownwood TX

Yakima Aerosport has recently joined the masses of Light Sport manufactures with our entry level A/C known as the Breezy. Using off the shelf components from Airframes, Dakota, and a precision jig welded fuselage, The Crew are able to provide a high quality plane in a shorter time frame. In the works is a STOL/ AMPHIB version of the Breezy. All components are interchangeable with the optional cabin model A/C offered by Aerosport.
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Yakima Aerosport